Alex Virden

Product Marketing Leader, Mentor, and GTM Strategist in Remote, USA

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About Me

With a decade of experience in marketing and six years serving as a product marketing leader, I've driven go-to-market strategy resulting in revenue growth and customer engagement.

I specialize in thought leadership, messaging, go-to-market activities, strategic positioning, and pricing. Collaborating cross-functionally, I've executed successful campaigns and fostered strong team dynamics.

Skilled in leading, scaling, and mentoring marketers, I recruit and nurture talent to build ROI-positive teams. As a customer advocate, I ensure customer-centric messaging and a consistent strategy throughout the customer journey and product lifecycle.

I excel at measuring impact while pushing forward market research and competitive analysis to advance product and technology strategies.

Outside of work, I'm a proud french bulldog mom, amateur banjo player, Baltimorean, Gamecocks fan, late-night person, and lover of all things vintage glass.

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Use the link above to book some time with me if you're looking for an advisor, speaker, consultant, or a product marketer to nerd out with.

Alex is truly one of the best product marketing leaders I've had the pleasure of working with. She excelled at distilling complex technical features into compelling benefits that resonated with our target audience, which was a key driver in customer adoption and revenue growth at Metadata. What sets Alex apart is her exceptional leadership & collaboration skills. She literally built bridges across every department which fostered a collaborative and creative environment.
Bryttney Blanken, Founder, Bryttney Blanken Consulting
Alex Virden is an irrefutable talent with so many tricks and capabilities up her sleeve it leaves me in awe. There's nothing this woman can't do and she does it with such exactitude, ensuring the projects or tasks she's delivering on meet and exceed expectations. And with all she juggles, her quality of work given all she does is unparalleled to any Product Marketer I've ever had the pleasure to work with.She is a true leader, a master of her craft, and a champion at swimming her lane while up l
Talya Reynolds, Customer Education, Cube
Could not speak more highly of her. I would hire her in a second if I could right now. Very smart, very talented, and a very good human. My kind of people. She likes rolling up her sleeves to get shit done (and done well) and can see the big picture/think very strategically at the same time. She works really well across sales, cs, and product too.I learned a ton of what good product marketing looks like from her.
Mark Huber, VP Marketing, UserEvidence